Shenzhen XGC furniture co., LTD., founded in 2009, is a modern luxury fashion creative household company integrating design, development, production, sales and engineering services. It is one of the earliest and largest manufacturers of rotational-moulding  luminous furniture in China. After ten years of development, business scope covers LED luminous furniture & decoration, luxury carbon fiber art household, aquatic amusement equipment & house.

Guangzhou marketing exhibition center over 2000 square meters, a total of more than 60 employees, with a number of high-quality marketing and management personnel. The products are exported to Europe, America more than 50 countries and regions in the world, and the supporting service of over 3,000 bar KTV decoration design projects all around the world.

Huizhou production base are over 8000 square meters, with design and development department, roller production workshop, lighting electronics workshop, assembly and debugging workshop, etc. Company has strong technical strength, forming a set of strict production management system and quality assurance system, company's existing 6 large rotational moulding machines and matching processing equipment, plastic products, can be processed within 5 meters products mold more than 500 models, complete products, excellent quality, production PE materials can reach 800 tons annual; A number of patent technologies set a precedent at home and abroad.

Three major brands:

"Starlish " rotational moulding LED furniture and decoration series. It adopts imported environmental PE raw materials to roll and shape in one, combining with LED lighting, fashion and creativity, highlighting the environment and rendering the atmosphere.
The main products are: chair/stool, table/coffee table, sofa/lounge chair, bed, wine cabinet, ice bucket, flower pot, decorative lamp (luminous ball, pipe, ring, tree...) And so on.
Product features:
Modern luxury, fashion creativity, low carbon energy saving, health
y and environmental protection
Intelligent luminous, colorful dynamic, overall shaping, light and durable

Applicable places:
1 bar entertainment: nightclubs, bars /KTV, discos/slow club
2. Hotel clubhouse: hotel, salon, club, SPA, vacation area, banquet hall, restaurant
3 outdoor leisure places: garden/terrace, pool/beach, golf, tourist attractions, park/square
4 exhibition venues: conference and exhibition, commercial space, wedding banquet, outdoor activities, landscape decoration, film and television entertainment

 "TGC " aquatic amusement equipment & house series. The main products include aquatic amusement equipment (rotational-moulding  leisure boat, pedal boat, electric boat, water bicycle, fishing boat, kayaking boat, underwater propeller, etc.), dock floating platform (water dock, pontoon floating box, platform), swimming pool furniture and water house, etc. Using new materials, new techniques and new creativity to develop plastic instead of wood, plastic instead of steel scientific and technological development, green environmental protection trend, the use of imported high toughness high strength anti-ultraviolet polyethylene materials, strong lightly , a fall of 20 meters does not break. Density 0.92 lower than sea water density, never sink; Resistance to impact of  acid and alkali; Pollution-free and recyclable; Maintenance free, service life over 30 years. It is widely used in such places as water park, theme park, yacht dock, tourist vacation area and beach pool.

"Billionaire" top luxury carbon fiber home series, main product include furniture & bathroom, home & accessories, building materials & decoration, sports & leisure (including luxury cars, private aircraft, yacht supporting furniture). The material of Toray carbon fiber / kevlar is selected and shaped by vacuum/hot pressing tank process and then polished by hand.

World first whole house luxury carbon fiber furniture. Features  : luxury, future light, technology; Fashion, concept, firmness and environmental protection. Applicable to villas, manors, star-rated hotels, commercial offices, yachts, etc. Luxury furniture that can be passed down from generation to generation. Accept customized or limited sales.

Dream of road, starlish! XGC will keep pace with The Times, constantly improve the enterprise management system, integrate sales platform resources, optimize product allocation, strengthen brand promotion, and strive to become a leading brand in the industry !

Thank you for your support and cooperation, we will provide you with efficient and quality service, we sincerely hope that in the future journey, with you to create brilliant !
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