Features of XGC rotational moulding (Lighting) furniture

Features of XGC rotational moulding (Lighting) furniture

Rotational moulding environment friendly furniture, health and Brilliant life


Modern luxury  fashionable creative:

Derived from European fashion design, used rotational moulding technology, Molding in integral, Create a dynamic colorful and romantic space, optimize landscape, high-grade and beautiful appearance. Colors changed by remote. User-friendly design gives advanced visual enjoyment. Using rotational molding technology and imported LLDPE environmental protection material. Products and color can be customized. Lighting: RGB LED lights can change 16 colors, make your life more tasteful and environment more romantic. Efficient lithium batteries, explosion-proof.


Healthy and Eco-friendly   low carbon and energy-saving:

Made of food grade PE material, Non-toxic, no smell, no paint, Formaldehyde zero, easy clean. True Healthy environmental protection furniture, good for health, especial for healthy growth of kids, teenagers. The production process does not produce waste, No emissions , which will reduce arboreal to the forest of chop down and carbon dioxide emission.  Easy to recycle or re-use, saving resources. it is a good sustainable development of project.


Labor Saving  Quality improvement:

Fully automated computer-controlled rotational molding equipment, using a metal mold mass production and processing, alternative to traditional handmade crafts, save labor cost, only take 1 hour to make one piece of furniture! Quality is less influenced by environmental factors, quality and delivery time are guaranteed!


Molding in integral  light but durable:

Use imported raw materials polyethylene (LLDPE), no welding seamless, unibody, acid and alkali resistant, impact resistant, high temperature resistant  ( up to 90 ), freeze-resistant (up to -40 ), with characteristics of non-toxic health, strong enough, impact-resistant, UV proof and not easy aging. Easy to carry and move due to the weighs is only 1/5 of the same volume of normal furniture‘s weight, no need to install.Rotational furniture, available for one lifetime!


XGC have developed Bar KTV, hotel club, outdoor leisure furniture (furnishing), products are liked by customers, products have been exported to more than 50 countries. It will be the trend and tendency of furniture (furnishing) development in future. Furniture, Future, Fortune!

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