Eight advantages to join XGC.


1, brand operation: operation of the brand can be easy for consumers to recognize, identify and purchase products and cultivate consumer loyalty, it is conducive to safeguarding the interests of consumers.


2, greatly improve the profit: brand operation can get brand benefit, greatly improve product prices, preferably put into production and channel development and after-sales service, forming a virtuous circle.


3, the production and marketing separate: detailed division of labor, production and deployment be unified, can greatly improve efficiency; museum is responsible for sales, can create a better image, focus on marketing.


4, Fully support from Enterprise: the enterprise offers marketing promotion, program design, after-sales service & fully support, it is easier to open the market, consumers can buy without doubts and fears


5, exporting to Europe for eight years, the best-selling products have experienced market test and proved to be the best-selling, highest profit, the lowest rate of stock, and you are cooperation with a very professional and long precipitated high-quality manufacturer


6, XGC investment a lot in furniture production and quality, also there is a very long time learning, we focus lots on details and materials. Our goal is to produce the exact same products that display in European and American museums even can be better than the museum's works in the future.


7, XGC has established professional QC department for 8 years, now can be able to guarantee the quality of the average incidence of 1% or less. And we guarantee to offer you a satisfactory solution of the 1% problem


8, XGC customer service department is well-trained, our customer service department is very familiar with the product knowledge, excellent accessibility of the language communication, we are committed to offer Europe service standard and allow you to feel professional and satisfaction all year round.


Second, the difference between XGC brand and the other industry brands, or traditional furniture industry.


XGC has 6 major advantages compare to other brand, highlighting the big brand chain management philosophy from quality, materials, styles, consultants, sale and other aspects, focusing on providing consumers with the highest quality LED illuminated furniture products and service.


1, Quality: Hand Workshop, backward technology, quality is not guaranteed; XGC factory adopt Mechanical mould production, the overall shape, to ensure high efficiency and high quality.


2, raw materials: leather with Skin irritant smell, stainless steel easy rust, sponge is not environmental friendly; XGC imported food grade PE material, no injection, without formaldehyde, environmental and health.


3, style: the traditional style; XGC design masterpieces of modern luxury fashion creativity.


4, after-sales: Once the payment is done, neither in charge of the factory; XGC offer 1 year free warranty, the manufacturers guarantee, lifetime warranty;


5, the museum experience: hypermarkets, intense competition; XGC located in Grade A office space, highlighting the big brand chain management philosophy


6, Consultant: to sell their own products to achieve profitability; XGC focus on customers need, meet customers need, at the same time creating user needs, create value for users.


Various forms of franchise for your choice. 

  1, The initial fee and the type of investment:


  Class A:

Type: City exclusive agents;

Responsibilities: Regional sole agent overall responsible for the regional market; the initial fee: 100-150 thousand RMB;


  Class B:

Type: City Monopoly experience points;

Responsibilities: Independent Monopoly experience points; initial fee: 30,000 RMB


  Class C: network agents, SAME AS CLASS B


  Note: The initial fee based on "capital-level cities, prefecture-level cities, county-level cities" market conditions to receive; the details are subject to the contract.


  2, qualification requirements for franchisee:


  1) Approve XGC business model, with strong brand awareness and philosophy; be found of products;


  2) good business reputation;


  3) Strong marketing and business development capacity;


  4) Financial strength (evaluated by the area, monthly rent, quantity of shops, inventory etc);


  5) Long-term cooperation willingness.


  3, Key Investment Projects:


  1. Distributors or resellers for Furniture (furnishing), lighting decoration industry


      2)  Individuals or company with funds look for new projects


      3) Distributors or resellers for hotel supplies, recreational facilities industry


      4) Tooling design company, Design Company.


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