Inquiry about affiliations:   

Customers who are willing to join us first ask for affiliations policy document from XGC Marketing centre, inquire us to learn the conditions of affiliations.

Apply for affiliations : if alliance business partner believe that theirselves are qualified to be an affiliate according to the affiliation conditions and willing to join in, kindly put forward an application  to XGC.

Qualification check and investigation.


XGC will take an investigation and valuation according to the conditions of the potential affiliation business partner, and an assessment form will be filled out to confirm an initial dispositional cooperation.

A cooperation agreement need to be drawn up at the beginning, both sides adequately discuss the terms and clause wherein till no disagreement comes from both party.  Then affiliation member visit factory and show room.

Affiliation confirm:  Both representives sing the contract approved by both party, kindly note that initial franchise Fee and guarantee deposit will be charged to affiliate member.

Assist decoration, agent’s flagship experience pavilion, affiliate member’s shop site selection, and help to check the contract of tenancy for affiliation member.

affiliate member ‘s business site should be located with three months,  decoration plan should be confirmed in not more than 7, sample confirmation should be confirmed within three days. Sample production and decoration schedule should be carried out in not more than 30 days. Sample delivery and  the acceptance for experience site should be done with 10 days. Sample display and site cleaning should be finished in not more than 2 days.

Opening ceremony:  a representative will be assigned by XGC to assist affiliate member for business opening.


XGC will direct and supervise all the way to assure those agents’ and distributors ‘merchandise, service and appearance of flag shop will be unity.

Provide plans for products advertisement and promotion

Provide information of turn of market; give advice on construction and display of products.   Launch new series products which maybe hot selling according to latest market trend.

XGC provide advisory at any time and on site instructions when necessary

Provide reform plan and analysis report for business status

Product delivery, dispatch and transportation

Normative pricing system and impeccable policy for product return, which promise affiliate member a profitable business and reduce the risk of running business


XGC will execute business channels as “ regional sole agent system” , we sincerely welcome customer from all over the world  to join XGC as our sole agent, or you can choose to join XGC as  “ affiliate experience  pavilions “ or “ on-line distributors ”  , you can choose any one of the cooperation mode.



XGC adopt policy as “one city one sole agent”, which means one sole agent only manage the marketing of their own city.  And agents who is located in the city with the population of million have the priority to join XGC.

Each agent has to build a flagship Museum. Flagship experience center is mainly responsible for product display and marketing for XGC brand. At the same time, Provide model and demonstration effect for affiliate member.( if the city is large enough, Each city should  set up  flagship experience point as many as possible.  Agent can build flagship experience point by themselves or through their own affiliate member. )

agent in each city should  set up monopolization Experience points and mixed experience points as many as possible to spread the whole market in this city.

Mix shop should be in the charge of monopolization Experience points in principle, but if necessary, agent can directly develop and manage the mix shop.

How we handle?


XGC implement the principle of specialization, Change the industry production line model, Separate the production, sales, and after sales to improve efficiency.

XGC will be responsible for


Brand and management output, after sales service

Advertising, network advisement and promotion support, agent development.

Flagship experience Pavilion, Monopoly experience point. Mixed experience points

Team building instructions and management

Setting up flagship Experience Center, developing and managing Monopoly experience point. mixed experience points

Executing marketing promotion and advisement.

Setting up a decorating team or hire a contractor for decoration, assembling, installment, contractor

Flagship Experience Center will be responsible for


Terminal display and image display

Experience Center’s sale and order handling

Providing decoration standards and demonstration effect for sub-Experience Center


Monopoly experience point, mixed experience point.

Products display and marketing

Order handling

Marketing promotion


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