1. XGC Enterprise Culture

    Dream of road, bright stars!

    ——Fashion and Luxury furniture manufacturer!


  2. Starlish brand culture

  1. Brand culture

    Devote to researching in intelligent and lighted furniture!

    ——New material,new craftwork and new creation!Leading low-carbon and eco-friendly,fashion and creative life!

    B. Production feartures    Intelligent and lighted furniture,healthy and bright life!

    Modern&Luxury,Fashion&Creation,Low-carbon&Energy saving,Healthy&Eco-friendly

    Intelligent&Programmable, Rotational Moulding,Entirety hollow,light&Durable

    C. Solicit business and agency   Solicit agency and dealer around the world honestly

                                  Leading brand of intelligent and lighted furniture    

    More than 500 models! Served more than 3000 bars,KTV,hotels and clubs all over    the world!                   


  1. Billionaire  brand culture

  1. Brand culture:

    Exclusive furniture for Billionaire!

    Devote to researching in carbon fibre furnitures!

    ——New material,new craftwork and new creation, Fully bring you to enjoy the luxury of a billionaire!

    B.Production features:

    Luxury,Fashion,Future,Conception;  Light weight,Firm,Environmental,Technology

    C.Solicit business and agency     Solicit agency and dealer around the world honestly


    Pioneer of whole house luxury carbon fiber furniture in China

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