Brand name: STARLISH

Ad: Dream of road, starlish !

Brand mission:

———Advocate of Global health and Brilliant life

———Focus on research of rotational molding lighting furniture & decoration !

———New material, new technology, new ideas! Lead the low-carbon environmental protection, and fashionable creative new lifestyle!

Band  Story:

You are my starlight; my sky is bright because of you.

Anyone still believe in love in this impetuous society?

Bizarre entertainment world is full of plot and trap, emotional attachment and betrayal, flower and applause, gossip and headline, public relations crisis and crisis management, business completion and emotional entanglement, it is Vanity Fair, it is also a hail of bullets

Brand  series:

XGC lit series, TGC color series, YGC decoration series

Furniture (furnishing) & decora & electric lighting, 18 types, 500+items products!

Product features:


Modern luxury ;fashionable creative

Low carbon and energy-saving; Healthy and environmental protection,

Intelligent controlrotational molding. Hollow overall, light and durable


1. Hotel & Club  2. Bar & KTV  3. Outdoor (leisure) garden 4. Living space

5. Commercial office 6. Kitchen & Bathroom 7. Water (sport) Amusement

8. Holidays & Festivals

Brand logo:

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