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Molding enterprises as a leading brand, "Starlight" three words is not just a corporate logo, it is a brand of power, is a guarantee for the enterprise for consumers.

 1. Focus on the quality of low-carbon energy and intelligent practical integration of the perfect, from the whole to the local, to create a comfortable, pleasant overall light environment.

2, focus on quality Starlight furniture focus on quality, from the modern life advocating simple atmosphere point of view, starlight furniture is not just a piece of furniture so simple, it is a symbol of handicrafts. Starlight color of the attitude of excellence, "people-oriented" R & D direction, will continue to help enterprises "to create excellence in the world home brand."

3, focus on experience Starlight furniture focus on experience, so that each family can enjoy the quality of life can also feel the fun of life.

Starlight led the industry to the direction of development, with a young, personalized fashion to the life of aesthetics to bring fresh inspiration. Showing a new visual style, more intelligent technology sense, user-friendly UI design, both intelligent era of science and technology and a sense of happiness of the family warmth. The whole station flat design, humanized framework layout, exquisite and smooth, every detail is surprising infinite, bring a visual experience feast

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