Brand Introduction

Product(brand) & service we provide

XGC, rotomolding PE furniture and decoration items.

XGC, rotomolding PE furniture and decoration items--including LED bar recreation furniture& decoration LED & outdoor leisure furniture. 

Features: modern luxury, fashion creative, low-carbon&eco-friendly,, smart lighting, colorful waterproof, lightweight and durable.

The luxury carbon fiber furniture series of our billionaire.

The luxury carbon fiber furniture series of our billionaire -- including living room, bedroom, dinning room, kitchen, study room, entrance hall, 

bath room, luxury car, private jet, yacht and supporting furniture etc. 

Features: luxury, future, lightweight, technological; fashionable, conceptual, durable, eco-friendly. 

Starry fashion smart furniture series.

Starry fashion smart furniture series--including smart furniture, smart home health (home gifts) etc. With the development of 5G technology, 

we will combine them to meet the requirement of more refined life. 

Features: smart, fashionable, healthy. 

Dream of Road, starry life.XGC will keep up with times, constantly improve the administrative 

system, integrating market resources, optimizing product configuration, strengthening brand promotion, 

and strive to become a world-renowned furniture brand!

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